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Aarogyam Energy Jewellery Bio Magnetic Therapy Double Tone Plating Metal Daily Wear Bracelet for Men

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    It is much more easy to prevent a health problem from happening than to solve the health problem after it has already happened. So we, Aarogyam Energy Jewellery, firmly believe in the old proverb “PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE”.

    Made up of Surgical Stainless Steel Metal with pure Neodymium magnets (King of Magnets). Neodymium is a costly Rare Earth Metal.

    Magnetic Therapy is considered safe without any side-effects and painless by AYUSH (Government of India).

    How do Magnet works ?
    The iron in our blood act as a conductor of the magnetic fields, or magnetic energy, produced by our beautiful magnetic health bracelets. This purportedly improves blood flow which, in turn, increases the efficiency of oxygen and nutrient delivery to the tissues.

      It might :
    • Assist your body to heal itself faster
    • Promote cell regeneration
    • Provide increased energy levels
    • Provide increased circulation
    • Allow better mobility
    • Provide deeper, more restful sleep.

    (•) Each Bracelet Hologram Certified with UNIQUE Serial No.

    (•) Available in Many more Designs.

    *// This is not a Medicine or Medicinal Device. Do not stop any existing medication.//*

    ✔ RECOMMENDED : “Prevention is Better than Cure”. Suitable for everyone. Recommended for every health conscious man/women/child.
    ✔ HEALTHY FASHION : Combine Style with your Health Fitness, this Aarogyam Bio-magnetic Health Bracelet is introduced for your health wellness in todays hazardous living style of every common men, for all age groups. It will work as a shield for your health in a natural way in best possible manner that a Bracelet could do.
    ✔ SKIN FRIENDLY : Best in Industry Allergy Safe IPG Plating / Wear this Bracelet 24 x 7 / No Need to remove while bath.
    ✔ SEAL OF TRUST : Aarogyam Bracelet comes with Brand Hologram with Unique Serial # registered on Buyers Name and Address.
    ✔ ADJUSTABLE : Links can be removed to adjust length as per our Wrist at most Watch stores

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